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Are All These Automobiles a Fantastic Match for Their Homes?

If I hadn’t become an architect, then I certainly would have become a car designer. Both of these objects, houses and cars, are by far the most amazing expressions of function and aesthetics. While a house needs to give shelter and a vehicle needs to transport us both can go well beyond those simple, dull and functional tasks.

That is the reason it brings joy to my heart once I see the right car paired with the right house. Such as the pairing of the right wine with the perfect dish, the right car with the right house brings out the best in both.

Here are a few examples in the pages of .

Farrell Design Assoc Inc,

This house-car pairing is colorful, fun and eloquent, not as a highway billboard supposed to be read at 60 miles per hour on the way to the beach in a traditional woody.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

A traditional and big home that conveys history and stability demands a car that conveys the same. It helps if the colours are coordinated.

Highland Group

A working farmstead needs a functioning truck. Can the curves and flowing, glistening lines of the vehicle come after those of the silo — or earlier?

How about a modernist house for a modernist vehicle? Whereas the house is all boxy and severe and built of static substances, the vehicle is fluid and lively, built for speed.

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

While the traditional Jeep belongs in the beach with a surfboard nearby, does it also belong alongside a modern house? Maybe so, especially if the house has a little bit of zaniness.

Charles Debbas Architecture

Is the BMW, a vehicle for its yuppie in all of us, meant for its modernist creations of the West Coast or …

David Sharff Architect, P.C.

… for the established and traditional suburbs of the east?

Or can it be a car that excels in either, at home in town or suburb, modern or classic settings?

Platt Builders

Maybe the garage door is a mouse hole that the automobile peeks from before it goes about daily.

Peter Kunz Architektur

Or perhaps the garage door is a screening frame to admit that a few cars are meant to get a museum.

Cathy Schwabe Architecture

Got a classic car? Then your garage should have a built-in seat so that you can spend countless hours simply gazing at and analyzing all the sheet metal that is fantastic.

Greatest Builders ltd

Nothing beats relaxing with your favourite book in your favourite room while in your favourite chair.

Swatt | Miers Architects

If you have the right vehicle, do not conceal it behind a faux door. Let it out to breathe — all those horses are yearning for the open road. Allow the neighbors see this amazing sheet metal sculpted to evoke power and speed.

Before Photo

Putney Design

A traditional New England house with a classic vehicle in front. Can the door shade inspire the color of these rims or vice versa?

What is your ideal pairing of house and car? Can it be contemporary or classic, zany or staid? Can it be the minivan and the garage to get two-plus cars or something more entertaining?

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