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Color and Cupcakes at a Denver Loft

Every young couple starts somewhere, and for Caylin Engle and Collin Scott, that place is a loft in the heart of downtown Denver. Engle bought the home (built in 2001) five years ago, and shortly afterward her small pup, Gigi, and Scott moved in. The recently engaged couple work for neighborhood boutique retailers and bring their enchanting storefront aesthetic to their loft, personalizing their space with modern furnishings and signs of Engle’s cupcake obsession.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Caylin Engle, Collin Scott, and their dog, Gigi
Location: LoDo (lower downtown) area of Denver
Size: 750 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms
That is interesting:
The balcony hangs right above the Denver Millennium Bridge.

Lauren Mikus

Caylin Engle and Gigi in the comfy living room space.

Lauren Mikus: What inspires your interior design?

Caylin Engle: Because this was my first stab in homeownership, my first design was very budget friendly. There are many hand-me-down pieces intermixed with newer ones. I didn’t need the modern and relatively cold style of the previous owners to dictate my aesthetic. I brought in warmth by mixing cloth patterns, textures and materials. Working for a interior design firm/retailer keeps the inspiration flowing. It’s fun to test out new layouts. Our preceding cocktail table equates into an elongated side table, an enjoyable feature for our ever-changing space.

Sofa and toss pillows: Mitchell Gold; cocktail table and Gigi’s chair: Ikea; carpeting: West Elm

Lauren Mikus

Engle’s design approach is not just charming but resourceful also. Her bar sits cleverly with this narrow wall and invites guests for a cocktail while they couch in the living area.

LM: How did you pick your paint palette?

CR: The walls were painted a variety of bright colors once I bought this loft. It felt like a crayon box ! I wanted to tone down the palette and combine the space. I chose a warm, impartial toffee wall shade and highlighted with mocha. The powder room is a bright red, just to spice things up.

Minibar: Crate and Barrel

Lauren Mikus

The city lights light the loft in the evenings. Engle happily hangs out in the kitchen.

LM: Where would you feel at home in your home now?

CE: I love our living space and kitchen. They are part of a open floor plan, keeping me at the action while preparing meals and entertaining. We’ve got friends over often, and it is so nice to be able to engage them while cooking.

Lauren Mikus

LM: What did you do to make this space your own?

CE: I painted the walls and substituted with the kitchen backsplash. When I bought the loft, the backsplash has been made out of simple, white 2-by-2-inch tiles.

Engle and Scott cook virtually every night, so the kitchen is unquestionably the most utilized space in the home.

Lauren Mikus

Engle is enthusiastic about family, cooking, style and travel. Her quirky and personalized style shows through in her styling details. “From the minute you walk into my home you can sense my adoration for cupcakes,” she states. “I have accumuluated very the collection through the last few years and love displaying them in miscellaneous nooks.”

LM: What advice has stuck with you during the years in regards to creating a house a home?

CE: Surround yourself with the people and things you love. Don’t be scared to try new things with your design. Get comfortable but never allow yourself to become bored with your space.

Lauren Mikus

The front entryway is as entertaining as it is functional.

“Collin attracted this home in the office, and it matches perfectly by the front door. We use it to stow our ski gear,” Engle says. “The daisy art is made by Scott’s closest buddy in California, whose strategy uses spray paint and Sharpie markers.

The chalkboard is a DIY job perfect for leaving notes and reminders. “I bought the framework at a thrift shop and used chalkboard paint right over the original art,” Engle says.

Lauren Mikus

When you enter the loft, a hallway full of modern bookcases out of CB2 greets you.

LM: Was finding this space appreciate at first sight?

CE: Quite the opposite! The space was full of horrible, oversized furniture at a inadequate space plan. As I mentioned before, the partitions were horribly bright.

Lauren Mikus

The couple recently bought these wardrobes as an alternative to nightstands. Stringed lights include illumination.

LM: What was your main design issue?

CE: with just one true cupboard in the loft, we had to make a storage solution. We’re so satisfied with our new his-and-hers feature.

Bed: West Elm; wardrobes and bedding: Ikea

Lauren Mikus

The master bathroom is compact, and because Engle has restricted closet room for her accessories, she uses this small property to display her jewelry beneath a Room & Board console. “I have been in love with Audrey my entire lifetime,” she states. “I received this picture once I graduated high school, and it’s followed me around ever since.”

Lauren Mikus

This exposed wall divides the loft space for privacy. Engle added the birdcage decal as a playful and budget-friendly way to decorate. “I found it on clearance for $5,” she states. A mannequin sports that a few of Engle’s fashion finds from a family trip last year to see a brother studying overseas in China.

Decal: TJ Maxx; vases: CB2

Lauren Mikus

The study is the first area to the left off the entryway. The framed Marilyn Monroe poster gives a vibrant splash into the compact space.

LM: What would you like to do with your home next?

CE: I’d love to get a suitable guest room rather than our multipurpose room with our gym, office equipment and a daybed.

Lauren Mikus

Engle admits that living in a little space does have its challenges. She states that this guest toilet is a lifesaver.

LM: Who helped you with your home?

CE: My dad is a resort developer and contains a great deal of experience with design, so he had been a massive help.

Lauren Mikus

Engle and Scott enjoy living in a innovative neighborhood and revel in this penthouse view of downtown Denver.

Lauren Mikus

This installment was made by a local artist and sits under the Millennium Bridge. Engle says,”I might not have a garden, but I sure have some fantastic views!”

Lauren Mikus

In the summertime, the couple start their day with breakfast and coffee out on the balcony. They end down in the evenings while watching passersby and enjoying a glass of wine.

LM: What do you love most about your city?

CE: I love that Denver has everything most larger cities have to offer — great art, theater, music and food– but at a reasonable price point and approachable atmosphere. We can walk to all major sporting events out of our location, as well as our favorite restaurtants and pubs. In addition, we get to enjoy lots of green space with a park outside our building.

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