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Colour In The Kitchen

What’s about design colour, fantastic is the bulk of chances one must live with, and use colour. Colour may be daring, however observed just in a few, cautiously selected, layout components. It may be a dedication, as a brilliant cabinet or counter top is, or it may be used as paint…simple to transform as one’s dispositions change.

I consistently advocate that one visualizes the finish outcome first. This offers a colour strategy. Colour is added by add-ons. The truth is, add-ons could possibly function as sole colour found in the kitchen – but that “appear” needs to be planned carefully right away.

How shade careful are you? To discover, examine as many pictures as possible to discover just where your comfort zone lies. See shade, particularly in circumstance to colours that are encompassing. Examine the colour narratives of the pictures that speak to you personally. Shortly the solutions will show themselves…in living colour!

Susan Serra

Vibrant colours on surfaces and add-ons add power and curiosity

Olga Adler

Bright, daring colour works nicely among neutrals

Add-ons and tile of one colour produce a uniform, easy, colour narrative of neutrals and yellowish

Susan Serra

Utilizing the solid reddish knobs to join with other layout components

Laura Britt Design

A solitary, colour, seen in diverse hues adds an easy layout statement yet with actual colour interest

A dedication to reddish with neutrals in supporting parts

Susan Serra

An integrated larder painted green. Green doorways include an architectural link and curiosity

Mark English Architects, AIA

The colour is powerful and daring and is about fashion and contemporary design