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Colour to Try: TigerEye

Tiger Eye is as unique as it seems. Does its title signify the real gold-brownish colour of the eyes of a tiger, yet this colour also seems in a valuable gemstone of the title. In your house, this luscious shade may be also and refined snug.

Chris Snook

The colour tiger-eye amber to honey browns and ranges from yellows. It it makes a neutral that is great backdrop for lively colours like turquoise and fuchsia.

Debra Campbell Style

In this internationally divine toilet, tigereye helps you to produce a beautiful, unique sense.

Adeeni Layout Team

In smaller areas, tigereye will actually help showcase trademark furniture items, and will really have a radiant effect.

Paula Grace Designs, Inc.

This refined dining room undoubtedly has a heat that will encourage visitors to linger.

Hint: To make a luminous effect in a bigger space, look to your own lighting. Using dimmers and/or incandescent electric lights, will provide a radiance to walls painted with tiger eye.

Peregrine Designbuild

You do not want a room that is proper to make the most of tigereye. This colour looks great in modern and informal spaces.

Hint: Several wood floorings have gold undertones, making tigereye an ideal wall colour for developing a harmonious room.

Adeeni Layout Team

In this lobby, three colors of tigereye were employed to produce a look which is monochromatic. This can be a good solution to showcase moulding in a room.

Paula Grace Designs, Inc.

In the event you have been trying to find an impartial other than beige or grey, tigereye is an excellent option that produces a backdrop for wood coatings as well as a variety of colours.

Brownhouse Layout, Los Altos, CA

Tigereye is quite complementary to wood tones. The lustrous walls in this dining area perform with all the furniture to generate an atmosphere of high-end.

Chris Jovanelly Interior Planning

This off-ice cannot be any more cozy. Together with ceiling and the partitions painted having a strong hue of tigereye, its an excellent area to function or curl-up having a novel that is good.

My leading 4 Tigereye paint decides:
Torch Light 6374 by Sherwinwilliams
Honey Comb 6375 by Sherwinwilliams
Eye Of The Tiger 188 by Benjamin Moore
Radiant Umber 182 by Benjamin Moore