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Create a Home Office on a Shoestring

Who says a home office requires fancy built-in walls and desks of habit shelving? With strategic planning and a bit of imagination, you can gather a stylish, practical office on a dime. The 11 spaces shown here are simple to recreate and reinterpret with minimal harm to your pocket.

Nicole Lanteri Design

An odd, fresh corner practically has been put to work. Here, the broad double window frames per comfy, ultrafunctional installation. The antique seat complements the both old-fashioned radiator.


This tiny market, the most popular home office on Houzz in 2011, gets star treatment from a stunning, sideswept drape that picks up the vibrant turquoise background. The practical touches are first-rate: a wall-mounted rack for office equipment, a floor bin that corrals newspapers and periodicals, a swing-arm lamp that keeps desk space.

For People design

Replace the desk chair with a suite of dining chairs, and also this office may be mistaken for a spot to entertain guests. The tailored ottoman, gold lamps and muted palette make it appear sophisticated, but it’s really a simple setup in the heart. A sideboard is a ingenious stand-in to get a credenza.

Lola Nova

As nostalgic and sweet as a youth homework desk, this space has ample drawer storage that offsets the need for shelving. I really like that the curtain could be closed against distractions or pulled aside for minutes when a little additional sunshine or daydreaming is called for.

Who knew ordinary plastic folding tables may seem so chic? Pair them with a cool seat, add a flirty chandelier and a few well-arranged artwork, and you have got a workplace that’s easy on both the eyes and the bank accounts.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Never underestimate the ability of paint. A vibrant end makes bulletin-board frames seem upscale, and you could dress up even the most cheap furnishings by painting them to match. An IKEA dining table produces a spacious substitute for a desk; a floating shelf from the same company boosts the job place.

Antique Building Materials, Inc..

By this salvaged-wood slab may have appeared a little too simple. What elevates ita set of different chairs, each striking in its own manner, and a couple of well-chosen accents. It would be ideal for a rustic cottage.


This office-dweller must have taken a cue from the British poster on the wall. Calm is the operative word with this tiny workspace: The white-on-white-on-white approach and clean lines combine the significant components, and the artwork provides just enough color to keep it from getting bland. And you can never go wrong with a Parsons dining table.

Shoshana Gosselin

There’s an old quip that Southerners don’t buy furniture, they have furniture and boy, does that hold true in my house. I had been super-inspired to see this antique cabinet turned into office shelving.

Even in the event that you don’t have a surfeit of the event merchandise, flea markets and thrift stores are excellent places to look for affordable ones, and they are ideal for creating storage at the exact spot you need it.

April Force Pardoe Interiors

Nothing about this chamber says”workplace,” but look closer, and you’ll see how cleverly it’s arranged. The worktable, lamp and seat mix seamlessly with the refined trappings, while guests or customers can have a chair at the cushioned seat opposite. If your home is tight on space, you could take this approach at a living room also.

Maria Killam

It would have been easy to let this awkward corner languish unused. On the contrary, it’s rescued by a shallow desk and mobile filing cabinet that, together with the artwork on screen, turn it into an appealing little work area.

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