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Dreaming in Color: 8 Wonderful Black Bedrooms

We’ve covered all the colours of the rainbow in our series on bedroom color, so let’s turn to black this week. Adding black to your bedroom through an accent wall or as a background canvas for artwork or decorative accessories is the easiest way to add drama. But unless you would like to feel as if you’re sleeping in a cave, then I’d avoid painting the heavy color on all four partitions. Instead, select a wall you wish to draw attention to, such as the headboard wall, and use black paint or wallpaper, or black-stained timber paneling, to create this place the focal point.

Below you will find eight examples of bedrooms which successfully incorporate a fantastic chunk of black with no feeling too dark, thick or somber, along with hints for working the hue into your own bedroom.

Studio 360 Solutions Inc

Use black to put off your headboard wall. It creates a fantastic backdrop for artwork or other decorative components. Just be certain anything you hang on the wall contrasts with the dark background; the object will get lost against the black.

A similar inky black to attempt: Black Bay DEA188, from Dunn-Edwards.

Sohu Designs

I really like the interplay of the white cubes against the black painted wall. A bit black goes a long way, so a partial wall such as this one is a terrific spot for a splash of the powerful hue. There’s also lots of white and light wood tones in this bedroom to offset the black and lighten up the palette.

A similar jet black to attempt: Pantone Jet Black PN1090, from Valspar.

Douglas Williams Photography

Black and white photography looks fantastic on a black painted wall. It is a supereasy approach to bring an elegant touch to your bedroom.

A similar warm black to attempt: Black Suede S-H-790, from Behr.

Judith Balis Interiors

Should you prefer more pattern and texture on your black accent wall, then look at the many stunning wall coverings offered in black. This is a good way to visually anchor a bed to the wall without having to use a headboard — saving you money in addition to floor area.

Union Studio

For a more modern appearance, make an accent wall with black stained timber sheets or boards. Just enough of the grain pops through the stain to break up the black and give the wall an interesting texture.

A similar black spot to attempt: Ebony 2718, from Minwax.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Create a faux canopy to your bed by stretching a black-painted headboard wall onto the ceiling right over your bed. It will visually reduce the ceiling above the bed, creating a protective and cozy vibe, perfect for mornings when you get to sleep in.

A smoky color to your artificial canopy: Kendall Charcoal HC-166, from Benjamin Moore.

Troy Dean Interiors

You might also bring black into your bedroom via flooring and furniture. Just make sure you love the color, because black flooring and built-in furniture are more difficult and costly than wall paint to modify, should you grow tired of the hue. This bedroom strikes the right balance between dark and light, which wall of windows helps maintain it feeling open.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

If you’re attracted to a few of these black-hued rooms but are cautious of going for this kind of extreme shade, begin with an easy accent wall painted black. It is one of the most affordable and low-commitment tactics to bring a splash of black into a room. Pair it with lots of white to keep it from feeling thick, and consider bringing in pieces of other fun colors, such as bold orange — the palette is equally fun and contemporary but also grown-up and sophisticated.

A similar bluish-black to attempt: Cyberspace SW7076, from Sherwin-Williams.

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