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Gilt is a thin covering of gold above a surface. Gilded items have a luster very similar to that of solid gold, though they’re infinitely less expensive. To gild an item by hand requires gold foliage and paste, though gold powder, paint, electroplating and gold plating can create a similar effect.

Isler Homes

Applying thin layers of gold to household surfaces has been an Egyptian technique utilized to signify wealth.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Highlights on the frame and panel walls, the rattan armchair and even the art have gilding in this golden sitting area.

Nichole Loiacono Layout

This mirror frame turned into a gilded chalkboard.

This gilded Buddha hand-gesture statue implies the sentiment “Don’t fear” for the feng shui and meditation minded.

These frames are quite distinct, but their gilding joins the collection together.

John Kraemer & Sons

Furniture is another place to view gilding. The lines of this settee actually stick out in an monotone hallway.

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