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Guest Groups: Organizing Your Kitchen for the New Year

I understand what you are thinking,”Organize my kitchen in January — just how cliche!” But here is the thing: involving all the baking and fun that went down between November and December, your kitchen is likely feeling the wear and tear. Listed below are 20 products to give your kitchen the TLC it needs and get it up and running for 2012. — Clara from Channeling Contessa


Lipper International Bamboo Over-the-Sink Shelf – $21.59

Oddly enough, I’d never seen one of these sink shelves for the kitchen until I happened upon this one on Target’s site. As somebody who’s continually moving about my sponges and dish soap, this could definitely come in handy.


simplehuman studio Grocery Bag Holder – $9.99

Are you drowning in a sea of plastic bags in the holidays? This canister mounts to the wall or interior of a cupboard and neatly stores all of those pesky luggage. I wish I had this one on my Christmas list.


Range Kleen Oval Hanging Pot Rack, Black – $44.99

OK, this pot rack is not the easiest thing to install, but it is a new year and it is time to come clean. Are your cabinets yelling for more room? Consider how much you could free up by hanging your pots from this, and of course how fantastic it will make your kitchen appear.


Heritage Hill Jar, 2-gal. – $14.19

I love the traditional look of Heritage Hill storage containers, and if you are not short on counter space, they’re perfect for storing (and displaying) the dried goods you use regularly. The broad mouth also makes them excellent for measuring and scooping from.


Large Green Rubber Gloves – $10.95

Can you wash a lot of dishes? Yeah, me too. All that time at the water makes my palms unbearably dry, so I started wearing rubber gloves. My hands remain silky smooth all winter . I would love to wear these while I’m scrubbing pots.


OXO SoftWorks POP Container Set, Clear/White – $49.99

If you’re short on counter space such as I’m, these Oxo SoftWorks Pop Containers work just as well. Stack them any which way to get the most use from each square inch of your cabinets.


Fingerprint-Proof Rectangular Recycler – $189.99

It surely says something when you are willing to spend more than 100 on a garbage can, but I’m all for it. In any case, what better way to get to recycle yourself? I love the design of the one from Simplehuman.

The Container Store

Stainless Steel Spatula Spoon Rest – $11.99

Do your countertops always appear dirty? Then I urge you to get a spoon rest. Mine is in use all day , and even though it is not too pretty, following a full day of cooking, my countertops are.

The Container Store

Banana Hook – $3.99

For somebody who hates bananas, I am really excited about this banana hook. If you don’t have a lot of counter space, then demonstrating fruit in a bowl isn’t really an option. This little hook could be tucked under the counter and stores bananas attractively without consuming any additional space.


Under Cabinet Stemware Rack, Chrome – $14.99

Perhaps it’s just me, however, the concept of demonstrating my stemware is becoming less and less appealing. Namely because I discover that all the glasses do is gather dust. I love this method of storing them more discretely, and I can only hope they’d stay cleaner within a cupboard.


Coastal Shades Dish Towel

I’m going to head out on a limb and guess that your dish towels are looking a little shabby after the holidays. Clean ones improve the look of any kitchen, therefore, as they say, out with the old and in with the new!

The Container Store

eco-smart Cutting Board – $19.99

Are your plastic cutting boards looking a little tired? Yeah, I thought so. It’s always fantastic to replenish with new ones, particularly if you’re cutting raw meat . These eco-smart boards utilize not as plastic than traditional ones, so you can feel good about this purchase.


Vacu Vin 3-Piece Wine Saver Pump and Stopper, White – $12.40

Vacu Vin Wine Pumps allow you to keep wine fresh for up to two weeks. It probably won’t take you that long to finish a bottle, but as somebody who keeps a bottle on hand for cooking throughout the week, these are wonderful.


Method Gel Hand Wash Refill, Sea Minerals – $4.69

I love Method soaps, and I recently started purchasing their refillable pouches because they’re not only better for your environment, but also way more affordable. For hand washing and dish washing, their products are great.

The Container Store

Polytherm Undershelf Baskets – $6.99

When I had to choose 1 thing in need of improvement in my kitchen, then it’d be maximizing my cupboard space. I will take three of them, please.


Riedel Microfiber Polishing Cloth – $9.90

If your home was host to many holiday parties this season, your stemware may not be looking its best. This microfiber cloth would be great to have on hand for making sure that your glasses are always sparkling.


MU Kitchen Pot Holder, Onyx – $13.99

Following a full year’s usage, my bud holders look like they have been through conflict. January is the perfect time to pick up a fresh pair. Do yourself a favor and get shameful — it arouses the food stains better.


Brushed Stainless-Steel Compost Pail – $29.95

Can you compost? I’ve a great service in my neighborhood that collects your compost per week, so I’m trying to get on board in 2012. This bucket could be a perfect place to store all of the scraps for your week.


Drinkware Storage Box – $14.95

I realize that a Drinkware Storage Box might not be the most exciting thing to add to your home, but I believe it is well worth the investment. Most of us don’t entertain in the level that we do during the holidays, so clear some space in your kitchen and sip some slough off in storage.

I don’t know about you, but my knives are so dull, it is embarrassing what they have trouble cutting! This digital knife sharpener is just the thing I need to whip (or sharpen) them back in shape.

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