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How to Construct a Picture Frame

Use mullioned doorway, an aged French doorway or glass-paned cupboard door for an family photograph frame. The doorway for decoration; paint it a brightglossy enamel for a playroom, or apple green with a boundary of red apples and yellow to the kitchen. Get a little extra mileage from your image gallery by including a row of doorknobs across the frame to hang coats costumes or aprons and dish towels.

Remove the door from its hinges. Take off any hardware, and wipe the doorway down to wash it. Determine which signs of wear and age should be preserved if your plan is to discomfort and refinish it. Work around those sections as you prepare and paint the doorway.

Sand the parts of the framework. Cover the glass scrap paper or newspaper, and tape the edges of the timber frames around the glass. Prime the framework that is sanded and apply the first coat of paint. Let it dry before applying a second coat. Even though the doorway will hang on the wall , paint each border along the door frame — sides, top and bottom.

Protect the finish with a coat of polyurethane of the door. Use matte for shabby chic-style decoration or a milk paint finish. Use gloss to get a enamel frame.

Remove the tape and newspaper. Clean the glass where the photos will go, and assess the opening. You might have to size photos to match their new frames. Prepare the photos, indicating the springs lightly to show which photo goes by which pane of glass.

Tape the photos in place on the inside of the glassusing blue painter’s tape. The tape lets you peel off the photos and off them without damaging the newspaper.

Screw doorknobs the frame of the doorway at equidistant intervals across. Use classic doorknobs that are real or matching reproduction, or move a little boho with a lineup of knobs.

Find the wall studs or use wall anchors to screw the doorway. Drill holes for sturdy screws at the door. Tap on the anchors in, or mark the spots over the wall studs and line the holes up with those marks to attach the door securely to the wall.

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