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Improve Your Love Life

Sex. Let us just get that word out of the way right now. Since there’s no reason. We want it, and we would like to know how to get more of it. And while there are plenty of aspects to blame — “I am too tired”; “My spouse is overly tired”; “Let us just watch another episode of Portlandia and go to bed” — a lot of intimacy has to do with just getting in the mood. Along with the environment plays a huge role in this.

To keep matters easy and somewhat G rated, consider the space where the majority of magic occurs: the bedroom. Oftentimes our bedrooms unintentionally wind up working against us when it comes to romance. The way we design our distances can actually hinder how sexy we feel.

However, the reverse is true, too. A well-planned space has got the capability to put us right in the mood.

Simone Alisa

Dawn Michael spent as an interior designer. She’s currently a certified clinical sexologist and marriage counselor that assists couples not just work through rough times, but also get more intimate and playful from the bedroom.

Her first guideline (no, it’s not incorporating fuzzy handcuffs, though that is certainly invited): “A lot of it is eliminating clutter to make intimacy and possess the bedroom be a place to get in the mood.”

How to Turn Up the Heat in Your Own Bedroom

The mattress. Next to decluttering, the mattress has become the most significant part a romantic bedroom. “You want softness but also some hardness from the pillows and distinct textures that evoke different feelings once you come into the room,” Michael says.

If at all possible, prevent memory foam mattresses, Michael states. Why? No springs.

Simone Alisa

The accessories. For most couples with kids or relatives living with them, obtaining a family-friendly bedroom is equally important. No problem. There are plenty of things you can do to make a quick-transition romantic bedroom. “It is possible to paint your walls of a neutral, warm color,” Michael says. “Then add hot accents following — a creature fur rug, animal print pillows … reds are always nice, deeper grays and blues. Throw down the crimson sash or scarf at the end of the bed, and it’s like, ‘Tonight we are going to get it on, infant’ Some people make it serious.”

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

The colour. Michael enjoys rich eggplant, mocha, dark cream and deep blue colours, but it’s up to you to choose what makes you feel intimate.

“Whatever colour you’re painting it, remember you’re going to limit the accents and accessories you’re able to set in the room,” Michael says.

B Fein Interiors LLC

The furniture. Of course, the mattress is not the sole piece of furniture getting the action. Do not discount the possibilities of different furnishings in the room, ” she states.

Stotler Design Group

The light. “Lighting is important so much as setting the mood,” Michael says. “For the most part, recessed lighting with a dimmer is your best thing to do.” Take something soft and subtle. Let a few lit candles take care of the rest.

Jarlath Mellett

The noises. “Sound can calm and soothe inspire enthusiasm,” Michael says. “It only depends upon how sensual or how hot you would like to go.”

Sound radios and machines are always good, but try a water feature, too. And upholstered walls, like the ones found here, are great for sound management. Remember, sound is not just about muffling what’s going on behind closed doors; it’s also about providing insulation to help take your mind off what’s going on elsewhere in the home. If you are feeling calm and you can relax, you will have a better experience and are enthusiastic with your spouse, Michael states.

Also, put a lock on the door.

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