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On the Bed

Inside my bedroom, the mattress is set against a wall that was white with two straightforward paintings above it. It is usually seemed a little haphazard – the pictures are there mainly since they have consistently been there, maybe not because they were intentionally chosen by us . Plus, without headboard I study in mattress, I finish up scooting the mattress from the wall.

There Is got to be a betterlooking, more useful manner to construct that section of the chamber. I went in search of thoughts for the “over the mattress” room and discovered a great deal of great notions. Below are a few of my favourites:

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

This headboard that is complex reaches the ceiling, removing any dependence on artwork. The mattress it self takes care of this.

Youthful House Love

I enjoy this window-artwork blend. It is not complex, although not drilling, and helps to ensure that you will awaken to sun light light.


It is an excellent example of when no Thing in any respect above the bed can in fact work. The chamber, total, is a bit reserve for my style, but I do enjoy the way the reddish bedframe balances.


The bedroom of Sfgirlbybay is intriguing in the top method and balanced. This type of statement is made by the glass behind her bed.

The Lettered Cottage

Occasionally I wonder about putting a bed right – Does it block the mild? Is there some thing unusual about propping up your self from the window? But here, the bed is framed by the windows also it actually works.


This picture is right out from the IKEA catalogue – generally also “IKEA” for me, but I do like that they pulled the mattress from the wall, putting a ledge with things behind it. Naturally, that does not solve the “sitting up in bed to examine” issue.

Petras Interiors

It is an option that is great – a fourposter makes an excellent frame and that I really like the way in which it works using white and the black and the substantial work of art.

It is a headboard that is small that is cool – . I really like the manner ledges are integrated right to the headboard.

Faiella Style

Something else would contend when the wall itself is intriguing. I really like this design – so daring, but held easy by sticking with white and black.

It is a great case of a headboard that is considerably more. I really like the pattern as well as the manner it goes past the bed appropriate.