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Secondhand Style at the Netherlands

Incredible midcentury furniture, contemporary accessories, vintage cameras and private artwork are all on display in Bart Jan Verhoef’s Netherlands apartment. The interactive designer and creative director has a one-of-a-kind design style, and his attention for great vintage finds is evident in his 1931 flat in the heart of the Hague. (The area is named Bloemen en Bomenbuurt, which means “The Flower and Tree.”) From the house’s first stained glass windows into Verhoef’s midcentury Danish furniture discovers, this joyous space is full of personality, inspiration and personality.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Bart Jan Verhoef
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Size: 85 square meters (914 square feet); 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Verhoef is a huge fan of first midcentury modern designers and furniture, and almost all his furniture is secondhand. Knowing that he’s creating an ecofriendly design only makes the choice that much easier.

The 1931 apartment remains outfitted with its original parquet flooring and stained glass windows. The spacious design is a more modern addition but suits the light-filled space.

Coffee table:; floor lamp: Hegra, FunkyLiving; armchairs: vintage

Verhoef says his look is a combination of a variety of influences — by the punk rock he loved as a kid to the graphic style that he works with now. Though there’s a definite mixture of styles, all Verhoef’s decor is simple, practical and beautiful.

The palisander wood console in the living area is a 1950s find. Verhoef found the light-up “E” online — that the piece belonged to a retired graphic designer.

Vintage cameras adorn tables and shelves throughout. “I love how they look, their simplicity compared to modern cameras and other goods and the era they represent,” Verhoef says.

An Ikea wine rack takes benefit of the nonfunctional fireplace. The chalkboard wall above was an easy way to bring a modern touch.

The yellow living room floor lamp and black and white armchair are two of Verhoef’s favourite finds. “While I think it’s fun to sometimes sell some things and replace it again, these three bits are probably staying in my house for a very , very long time,” he says.

The couch is among the few new bits that Verhoef bought when he moved in. The Per Weiss–made split-back couch came with a chaise and has been bought at a nearby shop in the Hague.

Couch: Kikke Spulle

The kitchen had been remodeled by the previous owner about 10 years before Verhoef proceeded in. The easy materials and finishes went perfectly with Verhoef’s classic midcentury look, so that he left the distance as it was.

The table in the dining area was originally a considerably lighter colour. It did not quite go with the rest of Verhoef’s furniture, so that he refinished it to a lot of a walnut color. The rug is made of tiny pieces of leather.

The seats in the dining area are a mishmash of vintage pieces from Marktplaats, the Netherlands’ version of eBay. Though he doesn’t know much about them, Verhoef did find out that the seat with the red chair was created by famous Danish designer Hans Olsen.

Chairs: vintage; rug: LeefTrends

The first parquet flooring have seen some substantial wear since their 1931 installation. Verhoef expects to restore the flooring properly so they can last a lot more years. Verhoef and his girlfriend brought the ring back lights in the dining area from a visit to Morocco.

A bit of the art in the house is made by Verhoef, including the “The ending” typography and papier-mâché mustache in the study.

Desk: Ikea; dresser: vintage; wall paint: custom mix; desk seat: vintage

The study, originally a bedroom, is Verhoef’s favourite part of the house. It’s enormous, and he loves being surrounded by books and art that he loves while functioning.

A sunny balcony homes herbs and other sun-loving plants. Herbs, strawberries and radishes are only a couple of those things Verhoef grows.

A quirky wooden wolf’s mind, located in a secondhand store, is a lively addition to the art in the bedroom. Verhoef doesn’t necessarily hunt for brand new bits; he only purchases pieces that he finds, loves and can manage.

Although he would love for your own bedroom to be larger, the mint green color reflects light and makes the room feel more spacious. Verhoef had the wall color custom blended for the bedroom and study.

Pendant light: Ikea

The bathroom was remodeled before Verhoef moved in, so that he did not have to make any modifications. A big frosted window lets in lots of natural light.

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