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The best way to Add Potassium

Potassium is a vital macronutrient that encourages healthy development and stops garden illnesses. The quantity of potassium your garden needs depends on the amount normally within the soil. In case your soil is normally lower in in potassium, it is possible to supplement the current potassium in the soil with the application of potassium- fertilizer. Before you start fertilizing it’s possible for you to use a soil test to find out the quantity of potassium your garden requirements.

Ask your local extension office on executing a soil test to supply details and soil containers. Use a hand trowel to to get dirt samples from around your lawn. Take 15 and between 10 samples in a depth of 3″ out of your yard and mix them. Bundle it and dry the soil sample you had been provided. Mail the soil sample to the co-operative extension for screening.

Select a fertilizer that’s a high-ratio of potassium. Fertilizers are rated using three figures that represent the proportion of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium they contain. The number in the sequence represents the focus of potassium in the fertilizer. Generally it is possible to use fertilizer that contains all three of these macronutriets. In case your garden has less than 25 parts per million of potassium, use a different fertilizer having a large concentration of potassium or muriate of potash.

Divide your fertilizer in to biannual remedies used throughout fall and the spring. Use the outcomes out of your soil test to decide each year just how much fertilizer to include. In accordance with the University of Purdue, lawns with potassium measured to 2-5 ppm a-T 0 require 6 pounds of muriate of potash per 1000 squarefeet. On another two years, utilize an extra 2 lbs of the fertilizer per 1000 squarefeet yearly. While lawns with 5-0 to 75 ppm require 2 lbs of fertilizer over the sam-e region lawns with 2-5 to 5 ppm of potassium need 4 lbs of fertilizer per 1000 squarefeet. Use 1 pound of fertilizer per 1000 squarefeet in case your garden h-AS between 75 and 100 ppm of potassium.

When the ground is dry the suggested a-Mount of fertilizer evenly over your garden throughout cool-weather. Load the fertilizer in your spreader and disperse it a-T a straight price throughout the whole garden. Split the suggested a-Mount of fertilizer into split up applications through the spring and fall.

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