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The best way to Install an Exterior Gang Box to your Cinder Block

High humidity and rain may take a toll on failure corrosion and issues that are intermittent or products. That is why weather-proof protecting containers are needed for outlets and switches utilized in outside areas. This kind of box may be mounted to various exterior surfaces. Even though it is an easy procedure, installing an exterior gang box into a cinder block wall does need several additional measures that are important to assure the box is connected securely and stays water-resistant.

Check before selecting an area for the the outside box to determine whether there are any peak or other specific needs. As a rule of thumb, spot a box meant to include electrical retailers a swap box no greater than 48-inches, as well as a minimum of one foot off the floor. Plan out the wiring or conduit pathways to ensure there aren’t any obstructions.

Turn off the energy to any wiring you’re working. Mounting lugs on the box using screws and the lugs supplied with all the box. Hold the box from the cinder block in the place that is selected. Mark the block having a pencil utilizing the holes. Set the box apart.

Select a masonry drillbit in line with the dimensions of the screws that are concrete you might be using. Wrap a bit of masking tape across the drill-bit to to point the proper hole depth, which reaches least 1/4 inch over the size of the screw or as advised by the screw maker. Drill pilot holes in the places that are marked.

Apply a bead of caulk to the trunk of the box that is electrical. Should you be running conduit to the box through the wall immediately behind the box, eliminate the knock out plug and attach the conduit connector before installing the box, use caulk to the hole in the cinderblock across the conduit.

Chuck a hex driver bit to the drill. Hold the box in placement. Insert the screws that are concrete and to the pilot holes. Before the box is protected, drive the screws to the cinder block with all the drill. Do not over-tighten the screws or they break or might strip out. Apply a bead of caulk to sides and the leading of the box. The box is prepared to wire.

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