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The best way to Remove Latex Paint

Even the most casual weekend warrior can enjoy the wondrous characteristics of latex paint: Simple to work with and manipulate, it may be combined with with other colours, thinned with water and used artistically with brushes, sponges, feathers and cheese cloth. Even the most experienced and assured paint warrior is susceptible to spills, though, and if you’ve seen some latex paint in your rubber flooring tiles, don’t stress. Latex paint is water-based, not oil-based, meaning you’ll be in a position to take it off without chemicals. Begin using the least invasive method first and progressively work your way down the listing before the latex paint stain is merely a memory.

Rub the latex paint using a rag soaked in water. Apply stress and use your fingernail to eliminate the latex paint.

Lift the paint using a putty knife. Use a knife instead of a steel one to prevent making gouges.

Scrub the paint with steel-wool or an old tooth-brush. Make circular motions, which should to raise the paint. Wrap the tooth-brush or little bit of metal wool in a a skinny rag, then rub the paint in the event the rubber is slim or especially sensitive to stress.

Combine 1 cup rubbing ½ cup lemon-juice and alcohol. Saturate a rag together with the the answer and rub the ground tiles. If required, pour a few of the the answer on the titles and rub all of them using the old tooth-brush.

Soak a cotton ball with full strength rubbing alcohol and use it. Turn the base of the alcohol bottle upside down, use it to the cotton-ball and quickly rub the tile, repeating this as required.

Put on safety goggles and latex gloves and squirt some Goo-Off or WD40 onto a rag. Before the paint is eliminated, rub the tile. These commercial grade paint removers are last resort paint removers utilized for the complicated and stubborn paint stains.

Clean the tiles with warm water. Wipe the tiles with a clear rag or permit them dry normally.

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