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The best way to Replace a Central Vacuum Filter

Central vacuum systems aren’t unlike regular vacuums in that debris and the dirt must collect someplace in the machine. That “somewhere” is the filter and dirt canister, which has to be examined, cleaned or changed frequently to keep your vacuum working effectively. Central vacuums use both foam or cartridge filters, filter-less methods or filter bags, which are serviced in a manner that is similar.

Locate the filter canister at the end of the vacuum power unit. Clips on the medial side resembles a pail or bucket and secure the canister.

Release the clips by flipping the lever upward and outward on the filter canister. As you launch the clips to avoid accidental grime spillage hold the canister with one-hand.

By pulling pull the canister in the power device. A twisting motion might be necessary.

Inspect the filter program to find out technique and the filter type. Foam and cartridge filters so are pulled from place and are surrounded with a middle shaft in the canister. Bag filters therefore are pulled from their mount and are suspended in the upper energy device. Filterless methods use a mesh display connected to the energy device and therefore are held in place with a flexible retaining-ring or post sleeve washers that are detachable. The the technique of filter differs by product and manufacturer, but should be easily evident.

Place filters and dump canister grime that is remaining along with it. All filter-less mesh screens and some filters are washable. Soak it.

Insert the new or cleaned and dried filter or replacement filter bag in much the same it had been removed.

By pushing it reinstall the canister and flipping the clips.

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