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The Suite Life: Beautiful Bedroom Sitting Areas

Having a boudoir with space to spare is truly a privilege. With more space comes with a plethora of seating options to consider in addition to the traditional bedroom furnishings. Sitting areas are excellent places to accommodate children, who are inclined to gather wherever you’re. They serve as places to relax, relate and release yourself from the external world. Whether your prefer a settee, a pair of chairs, a couch, or a chaise sofa, you can rest assured knowing you’re living the package lifetime. The only dilemma today is resisting the temptation to install a kitchenette at your beside.

Gast Architects

A moment to empty your thoughts at a neighboring desk or indulging in a cup of tea when lounging on a plush sofa makes the ideal prelude to a relaxing evening.

A pair of seats is frequently enough to create a personal retreat within a retreat. Accent your sitting area with a desk lamp if you are inclined to drift off in bed while reading.

Su Casa Designs

If you’re lucky to have an wonderful view, organize your seats to make the most of the sights. Enjoy sunrises and sunsets while seated in your bedroom.

Crisp Architects

Getting out of bed can be a battle when you have a glowing flame as a focus. Accent seats pull you closer into the warmth and ease you out of bed and gently into your morning routine.

Michael Abrams Limited

Fantastic for relaxing after a long day, a chaise couch makes it easy to unwind before yanking the covers back.

Avalon Interiors

Use bedroom seating to cuddle with a loved one while reading a bedtime story. Insert a gentle throw for comfort.

Studio William Hefner

A coordinating area rug delineates the sleeping quarters in the sitting area, but it still allows the space to be the cohesive space.

Dunlap Design Group

In a neutral space use sitting area furniture to introduce a accent color. Deep aubergine introduces a glow to a grey color palette.

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