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Things to Do Before Hiring a Window Cleaning Service

Hiring professional window repair services can save you a lot of time. But before you call someone, you may need to consider certain things first. There are some tasks that you can actually manage to do yourself, saving you money and time.

Things to Consider

There are three important things to consider before you decide to do the task yourself:

-Safety – Are you capable of cleaning the windows outside your house? What about those hard to reach areas? Are you equipped with the right tools and equipment?
-Time – Depending on the size and the number of windows that you will be cleaning, the process could be time-consuming. Therefore, before you decide to do it yourself, find out if you have the time. If not, then you may be better off hiring a professional window cleaning service.
-Quality – Of course, there are lots of household cleaners that you can purchase from a supermarket but they may not be able to provide the quality of work that you need. These products may leave streaks that will make your windows look worse.

What You Should Do When the Window Cleaner Arrives

Once you have decided to hire a professional to clean your windows, there are things that you should also think about.

Clean Your Blinds

Cleaning the windows will lead to the accumulation of dust that will eventually get into the blinds. So before the window cleaners start doing their task, it is best to ask if they can clean the blinds as well. If they can, find out how much this will cost you.

Ask About Odd Jobs

Professional window washers are often equipped with tools such as tall ladders, which they will use to reach high windows outside your home. But they have access to hard to reach areas inside your home too. Whether it is cleaning off your ceiling fans, changing broken lights, or cleaning the chandeliers at your foyer, find out if they are able to do these tasks for you and how much they will charge you.

Move Fragile Items

Even if the cleaners are extremely careful and are very well trained to do their job, accidents can still happen. Therefore, before the cleaners even arrive at your home, take time to move fragile items out of the way. This is to prevent them from getting damaged just in case accidents happen while the cleaners are doing their work.

Consider the Window Screens

If the screens are fixed outside of your windows, then there’s a good chance that the screens are a lot dirtier than the windows themselves. Therefore, check with the window installation professionals if they can include cleaning the screens as well. The process will require the use of a cleaning solution. If they can’t clean the screen, you can try to clean it yourself. Use a wet towel and wipe the screens down.