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Wendell Castle: Father of the American Studio Furniture Movement

For almost five years, Wendell Castle was creating unique handmade sculpture and furnishings that meld fantasy and shape. He’s in the forefrontin the field of American studio furniture, earning fame because of his work.

To love Castle’s talent, it’s important to know what comprises”studio furniture” Briefly, any decor designed and produced by an artisan in his or her studio, even under very restricted manufacturing, qualify — never could they be mass produced at a factory. Normally the layout, materials and a high level of originality are necessary to the procedure. However, at all times, the item really needs performance also.

The Wendell Castle Collection can be found at various designer showrooms throughout the country. And as he’s been a main fixture in studio furniture layout for so long, his vintage pieces are highly coveted. Here are 9 great examples along with a taste of his current line.

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Wendell Castle Floor Lamps

This group of vintage floor lamps made by Castle, ca. 1969, are incredible sculptural representations of his own extraordinary talent. They are all made from brightly colored gel-coated fiberglass, a material he popularized through his job. Just about all of Castle’s designs in the 1960s through the’70s are highly sought after by collectors today.

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Castle’s fusion of furniture and his innovative use of new materials have inspired countless artists and artists. His designs have been reflections of their popular culture of those times.

This season he will celebrate his 80th birthday, and he is still going strong in the imagination department, likely in the height of his career.

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Molar Group Settee

His forms are organic and look just shaken from an artist’s mould — as if you were to touch them, they might feel moist. His”Molar Group” red settee in glowing red gel coating seems as if it might just take a bite from you once you sit down on it.

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The White Edition Cloud Shelf

Here is a design of a shelf from his”White Edition” Molar Group Cloud Shelf, ca. 1969, also built from gel-coated fiberglass. Using pieces that have a foot in the art world totally reinvents the expression of a room and assists really personalize a home.

Wendell Castle Mirror

Castle also is famed because of his carved and stacked, laminated wood creations. This unique mirror, ca. 1976, is a perfect illustration of”organic meets whimsy,” with tons of performance. Additionally, it’s its own shelf. The mirror inserted inside the curvaceous frame is quasi-egg-shaped, maybe not a perfect oval, and the frame exhibits a sense of movement, almost as if it ripples around the mirror.

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Wendell Castle Dining Table

This table, designed in 1978, illustrates Castle’s use of stack-laminated ebonized maple for a base that appears to be swirling. The top is composed of bird’s-eye maple with a green resin inlay. The fluidity of the layout makes the table appear to be in movement.

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The Black Edition Big Table

This tremendous table is part of”The Black Edition” Big Table. Constructed from gel-coated, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, it’s removable and removable center sections. The original table was created in 1970 for an office in Rochester, New York. It’s practical yet highly artistic, seeming to undulate if all of the pieces are all together.

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Sluggo Floor Lamp

Satisfy the”gel-coated beauty” floor lamp called”Sluggo,” all dressed in blue metallic auto body paint and completed in 1969. The name says it all, and there isn’t much more to add to its description. Castle has just reissued eight more of those beautiful lighting animals, so today is the opportunity to purchase one.

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Pinkie Floor Lamp

The following two pictures reveal more fabulous floor lamps by Castle:”Pinkie,” using one single bulb, and”Raquel,” having an illuminated spin.

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Raquel Floor Lamp

Castle is known for his reinterpretations of the commonplace and the normal.

As well as scouring eBay and auctions, R20thCentury at New York City is a fantastic place for hunting down vintage Wendell Castle.

Sizzle Table, 3 Pod

Insider trick: For those who don’t have the pocketbook to purchase a vintage piece, Castle’s new layouts are found at designer showrooms throughout the country. This, his wild and wonderful”Sizzle Table,” is one of the most popular pieces in his new group.

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