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12 Smart Ideas for Decorating Empty Corners

I had been a rather well-behaved kid in school, therefore I really don’t remember ever getting sent to a corner. If I had, I’m sure I would have done exactly the exact same thing I do in any other area: consider how to decorate it. Corners are not simply for time-outs; corners are where clever design can occur.

A lot of people stare in their bare corners and feel there’s something missing. What should go in that bare corner? Trust me, it is a great problem to have. I will explain to you.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

High-back seats are perfect for corners. Many people like the look of high-back seats but think about their height that a visual challenge. Put two high-back seats at a corner facing outside. Insert a table in between a rug. This produces a cozy sitting area.

Cecilie Starin Design Inc..

Have a fairly writing desk inherited from a grandparent? Great! Now put it into a corner facing out and onto a diagonal. Better suited for letter writing than plugging in to check email, a writing desk provides a room elegance and evokes calm. Notice the gorgeous green of the fiddle-leaf fig tree that adds a lush layer.

Maria Killam

Freestanding shelves, particularly a pyramid-inspired design, work well in a corner. Store extra dishes and fairly containers on the open shelves for a great-looking screen.

A message corner is mission control in almost any active family. Create a small corner for a landline, a chalkboard and messages. While you’re at it, add a drawer. A drawer is a must-have for essentials like tape, scissors, rubber bands and loose change.

RLH Studio

A screen cabinet that is constructed in or freestanding makes great use of a corner, maintaining fairly dishes, extra flatware and linens close by.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

Insert a lovely corner window.This is a bigger job but reaps huge rewards. An architect or contractor can help in deciding the best location and plan for adding a window to your home.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Do you have a corner with a fantastic view? Fantastic corner perspectives are a natural preference for eating and gathering. Dining tables at a corner multitask for eating, gathering and writing.

Get more inspiration for beautiful corner windows

Insert a freestanding fireplace. Appear chic and chic at the exact same moment. These freestanding units are rather simple to set up with minor mess. They actually add warmth and a comfort factor to a space.

Jennifer Harvey Interiors

Set up a game table. Pair a game table with a banquette or seats for an inviting corner that is excellent for unplugged fun.

Amy Renea

Even miniature desks can be complicated to use in small rooms. This custom desk in a bedroom makes use of the smallest of corners, providing space for a lamp and small drawer. The beautiful chair produces a fabric opportunity to add to the area’s palette.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

A corner play place is a wonderful usage of a corner if you have little ones running about, and keeps toys and books marginally containable. Notice the close-by placement of a comfortable chair for adult supervision.

Cecilie Starin Design Inc..

Do you have a fairly chair that is not so comfortable for long term chairs? Try it into a corner vignette with a fun lamp and table. In a bedroom, seats like this are fantastic for putting on shoes or exhibiting fairly pillows and a throw.

Your turn: Share your clever corner design in the Comments!

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