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8 Fireplaces to Feed Your Kitchen's Style

The most practical area of any home, the kitchen is where family and friends tend to gravitate. Switch it into a warm and beautiful gathering space with the addition of a complete fireplace. Many kitchen fireplaces are purely for aesthetics, but others may actually become an additional cooking component. Have a look at these beautiful kitchen fireplaces — maybe one can fit into your home’s main entertaining area.

Don Ziebell

Cooking helper. This fireplace also serves as another cooking component for those large family gatherings. Work with your designer to include one for cooking pizzas, bread and more.

Design suggestion: when you intend to use your fireplace frequently, don’t forget to plan ahead for wood storage.

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

Focal wall. Try including a major fireplace to your kitchen, just as you want with your living room. This enormous focal wall immediately welcomes visitors into this warm space.

Layout tip: Adding a hearth will create additional seating in your kitchen.

Pine Street Carpenters & Your Kitchen Studio

Arched. Rather than installing a regular square wooden box, then pick an arched top to really go against the hard horizontal and vertical lines usually seen in kitchens.

Design suggestion: Think ahead when deciding where to install your new fireplace. Guarantee that the heat will not make you uneasy, especially when you’re cooking.

Sarah Greenman

Gas burning. Do not want to deal with hauling in wood? Put in a slick gas fireplace that’s only as beautiful as a wood-burning one.

Design suggestion: Many gas fireplaces have ventilation instructions. Installing one close or beneath your exhaust hood may permit you to kill 2 birds with one stone.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

Traditional. This big and bold fireplace sits smack-dab at the center of the kitchen. This is a traditional fireplace that’s chiefly seen in living rooms, but it looks great here.

Design suggestion: Not all fireplaces are favorable to children and pets. Keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing the perfect fireplace to your loved ones.

Elevated. Sometimes very low fireplaces could get lost within a room. Increase your fireplace to eye level for just the right emphasis on its layout.

Style suggestion: Do not overlook a mantel in case you like to display family memorabilia and collected decor.

Hufft Projects

Modern. This contemporary kitchen has a dividing wall as a fireplace, which makes a bold design statement with a streamlined flame that travels from one side of the room to the other.

Style suggestion: when you’ve got a large wall that you are retrofitting into a flame feature, don’t overlook the attractiveness of a double-sided fireplace, since it can really open up a small room.

Elad Gonen

Below the counter. This fireplace is barely observable, except for your own ducting to the ceiling.

Layout tip: This really is a fantastic illustration of how a fireplace may be utilized as a main heat source.

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