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Color Feast: The Way To Use Red at the Dining Room

Though red is a classic hue to get a dining area (because of its capability excite our appetites and our discussions), a floor-to-ceiling red-clad cave is too extreme for the majority of us. How do you get red? I prefer to use red as an accent colour, with a swath onto a wall, ceiling or flooring, or in smaller bits around the area. To me, it’s all about balance. Too much red is overpowering, but also small feels off as well.

Pay attention to what colors and materials you match red with. Red mixed with rich wood tones and other hot, neutral colors may provide you a cozy, traditional feel. However, when paired with cool neutrals and stainless steel, red has a crisper and more modern vibe.

Below are just seven stylish riffs on the traditional red dining area, together with paint picks and more tips on using red on your dining space.

Jennifer Ott Design

Red paint picks for dining rooms (from left to right):
1. Gypsy Red SW6865, Sherwin-Williams
2. Quite Red 1011-3, Valspar
3. Luscious S-G-130, Behr
4. Roseate 2078-10, Benjamin Moore

Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

What a clever idea to get a dining area accent wall! These random rectangular pieces of red glass assembled with clear silicone really are a brilliant and affordable way to add colour and texture to a dining area wall. A couple of red dining chairs pick up the accent wall colour without even knocking you over the head with red.

Here’s another nifty idea for injecting hot red into a dining area. The red cutout seating niche looks quite cozy and inviting — perfect for dinner parties.

Susan Brook Interiors

A daring red accent wall can really dress up a modern, minimalist space. The reddish also adds heat. If you have a lot of stainless steel and cool neutrals in and about your dining area, an injection of red will help take the chill out.

Ohashi Design Studio

Instead of a flat painted red accent wall, think about a red wall with a subtle pattern or feel to it. It is an easy way to add an interesting element to an otherwise neutral and clean space.

Chloe Warner

If you want to be subtler about using red, consider creating visual rhythm. Rhythm in interior layout denotes the repetition and placement of a visual component. Consider integrating a number of red items organized in clusters during a place, like in this area. Our gaze is attracted to every red thing to take everything in.

Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Red is definitely an attention-grabbing colour, so use it wisely to emphasize interesting pieces or items that you want to really stick out in a space.

Chr DAUER Architects

Not into supercolorful dining rooms? No issue. You can keep your dining space light and neutral and still get a small dash of colour via wall sockets. Paint the interiors with a fun, lush red, so the markets and exhibited items get the attention that they deserve.

Tell us How have you used red on your dining area? Please upload a photograph of your red dining area to the Opinions section.

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