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Top 10 Ideas for Garage Doors

The doors on the garage are an important part of your home’s exterior. However, even as homeowners focus on creating the perfect interior and exterior décor, they tend to forget these doors. Simple design ideas can transform any window installation into a masterpiece.

So, in case you are planning to remodel your house this year, we have some creative design ideas for you.

Contemporary Style

There’s no easy way to find quality and beautiful doors for the garage. However, going for contemporary steel doors with an extra coating of bright paint can do the job. If you have those large swing doors that face the streets, the contemporary design will indeed be a perfect choice. As a pro tip, consider adding anodized metal frames to the door. You can use frosted acrylic too.


Fiberglass designs are starting to become very popular too. They have two benefits in the garage door; they are easy to maintain and highly versatile. This means that you will have several design options to choose from.

Farmhouse Details

A wooden garage door still has some charm. Although such doors are often associated with the farmhouse, even for a contemporary home they can add character and authenticity to the home’s exterior. The window cleaning will, however, need a lot of maintenance.

Color Palette

In case you are looking for something unique and different from what most designers usually recommend, you can try to mix thing up with simple color pallets on the garage door. However, make sure the colors complement the overall color schemes in your home.


Aluminum doors are sleek, strong, and highly unique. They are the ultimate choice for the homeowner looking for longevity and long-term service from his or her garage door. Aluminum is also very easy to maintain.

Custom Designs

If you have some creative ideas for your garage door then going for a customized design would be the ideal choice. However, simplicity is key when it comes to customized garage entryways.

Carriage House

Carriage house garage door designs offer a unique and elegant option that’s only available for vintage homes. However, the doors can indeed offer that complimentary spark to any modern home design. You can paint them too to match the overall color scheme in your home’s exterior.

French Country

French country garage door designs are very popular. They are large and simple design doors created for both vintage and modern homes. However, they tend to work better with vintage home designs.

Spanish Design

Spanish door designs feature wooden doors with a touch of wrought iron handles and hinges. They are some of the simplest garage door designs out there. Nonetheless, it’s a great design idea.

Wrought Iron

In case you are looking for strength and longevity, wrought iron window repair would be the perfect choice for you. There are many quality designs available in the market to choose from.

Garage doors are essential to enhancing the exterior beauty of your home. The simple ideas above will indeed come handy for any homeowner.