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Create Character With Contrast

Before undertaking any design job, it is necessary to have a direction in mind. But sometimes being too formulaic can feel predictable. The definition of juxtaposition is “the condition of being side by side” In the design world, the connotation of juxtaposition is that those side-by-side elements may seem contradictory at first but, when blended correctly, take the space to a completely different level. It is a nice line, but when implemented well, juxtaposition keeps things clean and ensures that your scheme doesn’t feel boring. Including a whimsical spin to a formal room or a traditional piece to a modern space can liven the entire house. Here are a couple of of our favourite ways to use juxtaposition to provide you house a flair all its own.

Brian Watford Interiors

The kitchen is one of our favourite rooms for juxtaposition. Combining wood with chrome and steel provides touches of the rustic and modern, things that each and every room needs.

Jamie Herzlinger

Modern frosted glass, shimmering tiles and vessel sinks make for modern, fabulous bathrooms, but occasionally they require a hint of something to attract them back to ground. The traditional wood chest on which the vessel sink is mounted reasons this look.

Karen Viscito Interiors

Among the trickiest feats in design is creating houses that make everybody in the family feel comfortable. Combining the masculine and female, dark with light and modern with traditional guarantees that everybody in the house is represented.

Blasen Landscape Architecture

Outdoor seating areas can easily become the favourite room in the house. A beautiful view is a great start, and great architecture lays the foundation for a fabulous living space. The stunning formal columns on this porch blend seamlessly with the building of the house, while a wood pergola and casual furniture lend a relaxing and welcoming feel.

Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC

When it comes to kitchens, the juxtaposition of marble and wood is a classic, winning combination. The wood adds a masculine depth to contrast with the light, airy marble.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

This is juxtaposition at its finest. The French seat, mirrored side table and over-the-top gilt frame combined with all the chunky, masculine wood table and images are amazing. This master actually considers multiple tastes and melds them seamlessly.

Ed Ritger Photography

Nice dining doesn’t need to involve perfectly curved, polished mahogany tables. A farm table is one of our favourite ways to chair a crowd. And there is no reason rustic seating has to involve a matchy light fixture. Pair it with a glamorous chandelier, mirrored sideboard and modern art to combine glamour and character. Talk about dining in fashion!

Structures, Inc..

There’s nothing like a rustic farmhouse to make for a relaxing, relaxing weekend escape. But who wants to forfeit their modern chef’s kitchen? This stunning sparkling tile backsplash juxtaposes the bare wood beams perfectly to get a feel that’s both woodsy along with a cook’s haven.

High-Impact Contrasts
High-Contrast Kitchens for Each Style

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