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The Family Home: Going Greener

Families often get a bad rap when it comes to the environment. Our homes are generally larger, which uses more energy, so our cars are larger and need more fuel, and we produce more waste. My kids ‘ homework folders could fill a landfill when we didn’t recycle. Regardless of all this, there are simple things we can do around our homes to make them a bit more green.

Have you ever contemplated carpet tiles rather than wall-to-wall carpeting? Or maybe installing a drying rack in the laundry area? Learn what you can do throughout your next renovation or weekend warrior project to earn your household a bit more earth friendly.

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1. Get knowledgeable about carpet tiles. The next time a room on your home needs carpeting, consider using carpet tiles rather than the wall-to-wall selection. Carpet tiles are more readily available than ever and come in a myriad of colors and designs. When a tile gets worn or ruined by a juice spill, you simply replace it. Plus, some companies, for example FLOR, even recycle older tiles.

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2. Open the shades and allow the sun in. Instead of turning lights during daylight hours, then consider opening the drapes, pulling the colors and letting Mother Nature do the job.

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3. Contemplate reclaimed wood floors. Wood flooring is great for active families.If you are a lover of timber and have a soft spot for background, reclaimed wood floors are a great option for your loved ones. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber in Missouri mills wood flooring from old barns, buildings and rural structures, then ships it all around the country.

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4. Have a family outing to the salvage yard. There are many treasures to be seen in a salvage yard. A few of my favorites are the rows and rows of older claw-foot bathtubs. If you are currently building a home and trying to add a personality, a classic claw-foot tub may be your ticket. I bet the kids would really like to splash around from the one pictured here.

More ways to work with salvage finds

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Drying Racks – $299

5. Install a drying rack. A clothes drier employs a lot of energy, so why not give it a rest and atmosphere dry? Installing a wall-mounted unit such as the one displayed here will not get in the manner in smaller laundry rooms and can allow you to air dry your laundry in rain or shine.

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6. Decorate with found items. Another beautiful use of reclaimed timber is that this wall treatment. It provides so much depth and character to the space!

7. Add color with low-VOC paint. Making the decision to purchase paint with low volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, is healthier for the loved ones and your house. Typical paint may comprise up to 10,000 compounds, and 300 of those are known toxins. Low- or – no-VOC paints decrease toxin emissions from your home and the environment.

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8. Plant a family garden. Gardens are great for families. They are excellent ways to teach kids about where food comes from, and they’re good for the earth.

Planting and picking items you’d typically purchase from the supermarket will help save you money and gasoline. Plus, a backyard will give you a chance to experiment with composting — an superb way to cut your family’s contribution to landfills.

Raised Beds Boost the Garden

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