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DIY: Create a Designer-Look Pillow Sham

I love the look of designer Greek key pillow shams — they could stand alone or blend with different patterns, since the simple boundary contrasts perfectly with all busier fabrics. Unfortunately, they may be pricey. A designer sham may set you back roughly $50 to $100, which adds up fast if you’re planning to purchase several. Luckily, you do not need to empty your pocketbook simply to get a few pretty pillows. Pick up a few simple materials, and you may make your own in an hour or two. With just a little time and a few bucks, you can completely transform your sofa or bedding collection.

Want to give it a try? Here’s the way to make your very own Greek key pillow shams.

What you will need:

• 1 plain pillow sham.
Make your own or purchase one. I prefer duck cloth; it is thick, comes in a lot of colors and doesn’t wrinkle easily.
• Painter’s tape, to earn a guideline for the twill tape. (I overlapped 1-inch tape to generate a 11/4-inch thickness.)
• ⅝-inch twill tape
• No-sew iron-on adhesive
. It ought to be smaller than the twill tape, or you’ll be able to cut the adhesive’s width to match.
• Iron

Lay out the painter’s tape on your sham as. You will use the painter’s tape as a principle for the twill tape.

The white in this image illustrates where you are going to attach the twill tape. Before adhering to the twill tape, then check it on a scrap piece of fabric to be certain the glue won’t show throughout the twill tape once you iron.

Now it is time to put out the twill tape.

1. Roll out the twill tape, stopping at the first principle. Don’t cut it.

2. Twist the twill tape back on itself. Creasing it with a hot iron will help hold it in place.

3. Apply a modest permanent fabric glue in the crease.

4. Twist the twill tape on itself and then fold it at a 45-degree angle, bringing the twill tape into another principle. Quickly crease it with a hot iron to keep it in place.

5. Tear off a bit of no-sew glue with an angled end so it fits into the 45-degree angle.

7. Using a hot iron, then return and forth within the twill tape until it’s just melted. Check frequently by taking away the iron and lifting up the border. You wish to iron enough so the adhesive melts but doesn’t disintegrate. Keep moving through the routine in this manner, placing adhesive on in sections to attach the twill tape before moving on to another bit.

Tip: Use a piece of white printer paper between the iron and sham to prevent any glue or grime from getting onto the sham.

Once you’ve ironed the entire pattern, simply remove the painter’s tape, and you’re done! You’ve created a designer-looking pillow sham in an hour or 2 for only a few bucks. And switching up pillow shams is one of the fastest methods to update a room.

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