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Guest Groups: Travel Accessories Roundup

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, which makes the trip comfortable and as easy as possible is key. Here are a few favorite stylish, streamlined and practical travel necessities and amenities to keep you organized on the road. What modern traveler does not need a little luxury and a”home away from home” feeling while on the go? — Cristin from Simplified Bee

Tumi Vapor Limited Edition International Carry-On – $445

How fun is this limited edition luggage by Tumi featuring artwork by New York graffiti artist John”Crash” Matos? The hardside case and wheeled carry-on style make it a winner in my book.

Tiffany & Co..

Passport Cover at Tiffany Blue┬« – $145

When traveling internationally, your passport is the most important travel document. A passport holder will keep your all-important ID protected. Love this fashionable holder by Tiffany & Co. in their touch color.

Corporate Travel Safety

Heys Digital Touch Luggage Scale – $29.95

Sick of paying overweight luggage fees? This compact electronic camera luggage scale will help you avoid those extra costs.

John Robshaw Textiles

Han Luggage Tag – $25

Strong luggage tags are all important to make sure your bags are received safely in your destination. Luggage tags may also place your luggage apart from the rest in the baggage claim. My pick is that this darling elephant luggage label by John Robshaw. The hand-printed cloth is so chic!


Strong Cashmere Throw – $249

A cashmere throw is a great alternative to the blankets handed out on the plane.

Hanging Organizer – $48

Packing and organizing your makeup and other toiletry items is essential, and the right bag will help tremendously. I prefer Vera Bradley’s Hanging Organizer. It’s multiple transparent plastic compartments which make finding things simple. I love the beautiful fabric option too!

Neiman Marcus

Inflight Bags – $24

Make getting through airport security a breeze with these clever bags featuring playful sketch-art drawings. Beats the older Ziplock bags every day of the week!


I Was Here: A Travel Journal For The Curious Minded – $16.95

Keeping a journal when traveling may not come naturally to a. This compact book makes imagining your trip easy and fun. All of details — no matter how little — are recorded, creating a comprehensive account of your journeys. Makes a fabulous gift!

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

CitySlips Foldable Ballet Flats with Travel Case – $25

Loving these chic, foldable travel ballet flats. Every shoe folds to fit neatly into a little pouch.

Earth Adapter – $45.95

Traveling the world? You may look at packaging one of these babies. It is an all-in-one adapter which fits power outlets in more than 150 nations. It also has a USB plug for charging mobile devices, which means that you can always call home.

iPad Case – $52

Devices such as the iPad make long plane rides more bearable. Keeping an iPad shielded is key during traveling. This fashionable padded canvas case is my selection!

Griffin Technology

Travel Stand – for iPhone & iPod – $14.99

Loving this hands-free traveling stand for the iPhone and iPod. It turns out an airplane tray table into a mini movie theatre.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

Kidco PeaPod Lite Travel Tent – $39.95

Traveling with small ones may present the question of where they will sleep. This travel bed gives a safe spot for your infant or young child to catch some Zs. The mattress folds down in minutes, packs into a pouch and fits into many carry-on bags.

Travel Bag – Giraffe – AUD 36.95

Little ones need traveling bags too. I love this one with long-legged giraffes. It is perfect for carrying their toys, snacks or extra clothing.

clos-ettetoo. com

Travel Jewelry Case – $50

Traveling with jewelry can get stressful, but it’s simple with this particular one-of-a-kind and discreet jewelry case. The case doubles as a tray and you may increase its storage by adding pages as needed. That is going on my wishlist.

Audio Oasis Travel Sound Treatment – $89.85

Jet lag. It’s a bummer, but perhaps this clock using 17 soothing nature sounds will help you fall asleep irrespective of the timezone. It also allows you to find out what time (and day) it is back home.

Hammacher Schlemmer & Co..

The Million Germ Eliminating Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer – $29.95

Germs creep me out — especially when traveling. The streamlined toothbrush sanitizer is perfect as a traveling case in addition to eliminating germs. I need you!

Restoration Hardware

Travel Medic – $29

And just in case… this slim medic kit is intended for traveling and to help you take good care of minor cuts.

The Travel Book by Lonely Planet – $50

Not certain where to travel ? The Travel Book covers more than 229 countries and destinations around the globe and may help you narrow it down. With 817 stunning images, this book is certain to get you motivated to reserve your next trip.

Carolyn Chadwick

Packing for a trip is surely a chore, but if done properly it makes traveling much simpler. I’ve a tendency to overpack — surprise! I have brought clothing I never wear and stuff I couldn’t possibly have wanted. As an organizer, it’s an area I have improved upon and have put together some basic tips about the best way to pack for a trip here.

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