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The View From Above

If you’ve got a house with a backyard area, such as a loft or hallway open into the ground below, consider the perspective from above. When deciding upon some of your decor, your perspective looking down at the space below is a exceptional chance to find items from a very different perspective.

Consider the difference in how shapes appear from the side vs. the shirt — or the way other pieces of furniture which partially block the view of an object from the side, may be entirely out of the way when you look down to the room. Here are seven different perspectives that will motivate you to consider a perspective from above.

Mega Builders

The circles inset to this entrance floor have a dramatic effect when viewed from the upper balcony. It heightens the effect of the encompassing curves of the staircases. This entrance is amazing when standing on the main floor, (see the builder’s website to find a photo from the bottom floor standpoint ), but observed from up above, it is simply magnificent!

Marco Dellatorre

This glass dining table, found from an upper floor, has a uniquely shaped foundation revealing through the glass.

Marco Dellatorre

This is precisely the dining room pictured above. Still amazing, but the form of the foundation is not evident in the side view. That is why this dining table is indeed uniquely suited to your room which may be observed from above.

Pangaea Interior Design

This live advantage coffee table is attractive from any view…

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

… However, I bet you did not even notice that it is split in 2 halfway across the table and has a massive hole until you saw it in this angle. It’s a fairly lively piece of wood which is more striking when viewed from above.


This room has ever been a favorite of mine. It’s a fantastic mid-century modern appearance and I really like the colors. From that perspective it feels casual and relaxed.


This is precisely the same room. The easy, strong lines of the accessories and furniture create a composition that is extremely pleasing from this perspective and it has a nearly Asian feel to it. When you arrange furniture for any room, you generally stand at the entrance or at several points in the room to find out how it looks from every angle. However, with an upper open space, remember to look at your arrangement from upstairs also. You might be pleased to find a completely different and equally beautiful look from this upper floor perspective.

Elad Gonen

Again here, the composition of this rug, L-shaped sectional, around coffee table and the long, red bowl form an attractive composition. The combination of circle, rectangles and oval give it more attention than if the coffee table and crimson bowl were also rectangular.

Many suspension lamps and chandeliers are intended to be viewed from below. However, if yours can be observed from above, select a design that is attractive from all viewpoints. These round suspension lamps create a floating 3-dimensional sculpture that is amazing from all degrees.


These sculptural hanging lamps allow me to feel as though I’m above the clouds awaiting.

It’s not necessary to change your complete space plan or furniture arrangement simply to please the perspective from the upper ground, but it’s a fantastic chance to design your space with this exceptional perspective in mind.

Do you have a view from an upper floor? What are you included that makes that view additional special? Share your photos!

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