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5 Questions for Design Stars

Can you assist user molega2008 point a wrap around deck or assist pauli12 with choosing a front door color? Maybe you have the key to decorating rula’s cozy new apartment? From new homes to comfortable spaces and from the inside to outside, it is time to share your thoughts on Houzz homes of all shapes and sizes. Have a look at the latest Houzzers’ design issues and see how many you can reply!

Houzz Design Dilemmas

1. How can my house exterior reflect the recently remodeled interior?
“that I am looking to give this house a few curb appeal. We purchased 8 acres and the house sits on the side of our house and has been subdivided off of the main lot. We would like to utilize it as rental property and construct a house on the remaining acres but I don’t think we would have any success with it looking as it does on the outside. My husband remodeled the inside of the house and it looks great, sadly, the exterior will not get a lot of individuals in.

I would like to have thoughts from any of you regarding painting the brick, stone, trimming, door, windows, walkway, etc.. What materials could you see being used? The front is the rock and brick, side has vinyl siding and the rear is brick and concrete blocks. Also have the shed that has to be painted to match the house. Thanks!” Click here to Reply

Houzz Design Dilemmas

2. Which furniture types work for our recently downsized home?
“Our present home/apt flooded (1,200 square feet) two weeks back and we’re moving into a much smaller apartment (800 square feet).

Though the situation pushing us out weren’t favorable, this has also given us a chance to check into changing our living room furniture, which we’ve needed to do for quite a long moment. (Sofa, rugs — yes they were ruined unfortunately/fortunately, etc).

However, the space is smaller than we’re used to with awkward corners, and my husband and I are confused about what type of furniture will suit the space. How we can arrange it so that it doesn’t take up more than is needed? …” Click here to see the entire question and answer.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

3. How can I arrange my deck around a barbecue and firepit?
“I have a 21’x30′ deck and I’m not sure how to point it… We receive the morning sunshine on the front and the afternnoon/evening sunlight on the side of the deck were the BBQ is… I’ve a firepit that I wish to put out from the way and the BBQ to remain where it is, as it is plummed for propane. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks.” Click here to reply.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

4. How can I restore the exterior of my mid-century ranch house?
“I’m buying this time capsule atomic ranch! Part of me enjoys these colours, but it is a little too kitschy for the neighborhood. I’m considering painting the wood siding and trim colors of gray. Or if I keep some of those turquoise? (The front door will remain in all its turquoise glory!) And what to replace this green astroturf with?!” Click here to reply.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

5. Which color should I paint the front door of the cool gray property?
“that I have decided to paint our brand new fiberglass door (exterior) a glossy black. The house is chelsea gray and nothing seems to work with it anyhow black, but wanted to request ideas just in case. What color would look nice with this porch color? I really don’t have a picture showing the doorway. It is not suspended yet. Also, does anyone have any thoughts for [another] good color for the porch?” Click here to reply.

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