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Sixties Southern Style: Inspiration from ‘The Help’

I normally hate it when a book I like as much as I enjoyed The Aid is made into a film, but I had nothing to dread from this film up for Best Picture. The only element which might have outdone the ultimate casting options was the innovative set design. A range of houses was represented, from the neat-as-a-pin cottages possessed by “the help” to the mid-century ranch possessed by Junior Leaguer Elizabeth, and from evil Hilly’s stately brick home to the plantations where Skeeter and Celia lived.

These sets actually captured a time when the world was shifting and the South was lagging behind, but also seized sassy Southern style. Here is how to incorporate a number of these striking elements into your house in ways match for 2012.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Front porch. An impressive tree-lined driveway and the biggest front porch possible are crucial elements of plantation style.

Catalyst Architects, LLC

In fact, a dual porch is even better, providing more places to catch a snap on a stifling hot Southern summer day.

Craig Denis

Porch furniture. Rockers, porch swings and wicker furniture are still the best options for backyard residence.

Graham & Brown

Amy Butler Lacework Blue Floral Wallpaper

Floral prints. Exuberant floral wallpaper gained fame during the Victorian age and hasn’t gone out of fashion in the South. This lacework print from Amy Butler catches the feeling of observing blossoms in Southern insides.

Prints were popular options for accent pillows.

Monica Ewing

Botanical prints brought flowers indoors back afterward, and they still do today.

Carolyn Chadwick

Fresh flowers. Outdoors, roses, azaleas and magnolias reign supreme.

Emily Ruddo

Bouquets. Fresh bouquets chosen from the yard were paramount, whether on a bedside table as a centerpiece to the bridge party buffet table. Plus, an scratch can be covered up by a vase.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Grand entryways and entrances. An entryway that wows is an equally significant part a Southern house. It’s a good spot to get visitors. Be sure to leave out a bowl for calling cards.

Liz Williams Interiors

Here is another impressive foyer that has traditional components but a more modern look due to the open and light feeling and the careful editing.

Monica Ewing

Tea-time readiness. A spot for tea, sexy or iced, is a must-have.

Tablescapes. Amazing place settings were another crucial portion of entertaining, with all the silver and crystal pulled out on a regular basis.

Dreamy Whites

Centerpieces. New lilac is a classic Southern sprig.

Liz Williams Interiors

Formal dining rooms. Touches like gentle pleated window treatments and skirted dining chairs also show off how badly Southerners enjoy entertaining.

Rossana Novella

The phone table. A dedicated spot for talking on the telephone — such as a phone table, seat, portraits, mirror, and a rotary dial — phone up previous times.

Stacey Costello Design

The salon. A comfortable spot for socializing and drinking tea, the Southern living room was formal yet filled with soft upholstery and textures.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Eat-in kitchen : During times of segregation, the adults in the family never ate with “the help” One of my favorite scenes in the film is when Celia insists on joining a horrified Minnie in the kitchen to get a meal.

Elizabeth Dinkel

The vanity. Skeeter needed a good dressing place where she could sit for hours while her mother used the Magic Soft and Silky Shinalator to straighten out her curly hair.

Kasey Buick

Hatboxes. All Southern women know when a hat is necessary, and in my estimation, that group in the royal wedding has nothing to African American women when it comes to selecting and sporting the best hats.

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