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How to Calculate How Much Crushed Stone I Need

Several parts of the United States of America have a stone quarry with nearby stone excavation. Subsequent to the removal of rocks in the ground, it is crushed for resale and broadly accessible home improvement and gardening centers. Crushed stone is a great selection for making meandering pathways through gardens, sitting areas or separating regions on your yard. This aggregate gives a natural look in your landscape design. Calculating the sum you will need for your project comprises a few mathematical calculations.

Spray lawn-marking paint to make a summary of a garden path or sitting place to put in your shattered stone.

Measure the surface area of your project in feet. Measure the length and width of pathways and places that are rectangular or square. Measure the diameter of a circular place. Multiply the length by the width to obtain the place of a square or rectangle. Square the diameter of a circle and divide the result by 4, then multiply it by 3.14 for the region in square feet.

Multiply your region by the thickness in feet that you want your shattered stone. For instance, a rotating walkway that’s 40 feet long and 2 feet wide is 80 square foot. To set a thickness of crushed stones at 4 inches deep, then convert the inches in thickness to ft by dividing 4 by 12 to get 0.33 feet. Multiply the region in feet times the thickness in feet. The total volume of crushed stone you will need for this project is 80 x 0.33 = 26.4 feet.

Divide the cubic feet by 27 to get cubic yards of crushed stone. For this instance, 26.4/27 = 0.98 cubic yards needed. Insert an extra 10 percent for your total to arrange enough to cover spillage and thickness inconsistencies.

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