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Swing Door

A swing door has spring-loaded hinges that keep the door in place when it’s not pushed open. Swing doors open in both directions; due to this attribute, a window at head height at the door is advisable, possibly even necessary, for the security of passersby.

Shane D. Inman

A swing door is easy to push open with a complete laundry basket in hand.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Do not open a swing door till you check to make sure that the coast is clear. Windows, whether plain rectangles or portholes like the one here, keep you from bumping into someone on the opposing side of the door.

Some swing doors have a push plate, which keeps fingerprints off the door.

Shane D. Inman

Before open floor plans were more popular, kitchens often had swing doors, also called service doors, to keep the cooking activity concealed from view.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Swing doors traditionally functioned yet another functional function; they enabled servants holding trays to open the doorways using their backs.

Troy Spurlin Interiors

A nice coat of red paint on the swing door creates a strong statement in this kitchen.

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