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Use It or Lose It: How to Remove Old Keys

There always seems to be at least one pair of mystery keys in each household. Normally found at the bottom of the junk drawer or in the pocket of an old jacket, the mystery keys seldom reveal their purpose. Don’t let all of the older house, storage, bike and car keys clutter your house — use themor lose them!

For big organizations like offices, schools, and hotels, keys may add up quickly. While it may be convenient to simply throw them in the trash, the simple fact is that some 400 million keys are thrown away every year, left to sit in landfills. Read on to learn how to recycle your keys properly, or reuse them around your house in a creative and practical way.

Lose It: Fortunately, keys can be recycled at most recycling centers in the mixed plastics bin. Ensure that you take off any plastic sheeting or decals so the centre can melt them down and reuse the metal. Call your community recycling centre or look their requirements on the internet to be sure they take metals.

Online organizations such as Key for Hope and Keys to Kindness collect keys through mail, melt them down for scrap metal, and donate the proceeds to charity.

Mail on your own keys to eliminate your clutter and find some good karma in return.

Browse Etsy for artists making jewelry or house décor items out of keys, or market them as craft supplies on Etsy or eBay.

Have a Look at the want ads on Craigslist. You may get lucky and have someone who’s ready to pay you to your keys, or only get them off your hands.

Older keys frequently have a exceptional shape popular in house décor. In case you have any old keys lying around, you may be able to make a special work of art that adds a particular touch to your house.

Michelle and Justin of Fantasy House DIY made this piece of homemade artwork out of a picture frame, burlap, and some older skeleton keys tied onto decoration. Check out the full DIY here.

Using keys in jewellery can be gaining steam. When it’s an old key with a exceptional design or a more contemporary key with a distinctive meaning, place it on a chain or ribbon to produce an instant necklace.

Diana Martini

Older keys may also become great decorative components for your holidays. Here, Diana Martini from Sir made a very simple evergreen wreath a little more personal by tying old locks and keys onto the branches. The same technique might be used on a Christmas tree to make a unique, vintage-styled tree. Use festive ribbon or twine to tie aged keys all over the shrub’s branches.

Use It: Keys possess a surprising amount of sensible uses. Consider using smaller keys as zipper pulls bags and backpacks, or join to pull chains for light or ceiling fans.

Utilize as weights for curtains or tablecloths that will help them stay in place. Sew keys onto the inner hem of curtains or tablecloths, and you’re never going to need to deal with fluttering curtains or flyaway table settings .

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