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What sort of Paint Stands Up to Furniture Left Outdoors?

Several types of exterior paint can be found that provide a lasting finish when you refurbish your outdoor furniture. Choose paints and primers invented for the furniture’s surface, or proceed with a multi-surface exterior paint which works on wood, wood, plastic and other materials. For best results, sand and clean the furniture to get rid of old finish, rust or dirt prior to priming and painting.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture requires an exterior primer and also a exterior paint finish which completely seals the piece to protect it from UV rays. Ready the furniture by cutting or sanding to remove the old finish down to the bare wood. Put on the primer and let it dry; then apply several coats of paint which completely cover all of the timber. The exterior paint may be oil-based or latex, unless the furniture is blue. Wicker and other flexible wooden stuff should be painted using oil-based exterior paint.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture needs a metallic primer followed by an exterior-grade enamel paint. Prepare the surface by removing loose paint and rust using a scraper and metallic brush; then sand it to smooth the surface.

Plastic Furniture

Use a primer and spray paint which are especially formulated for vinyl surfaces. To prep, dry-brush the surface to get rid of loose or weathered material; clean with gentle soap, and rinse and allow it to dry. Apply 1 coat of primer and allow it to dry. Apply two or more coats of spray paint after the product instructions.

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